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Livery Yard

We offer an exclusive livery and only have a small number of stables available to horses outside the estate.

We have lovely indoor stables which were designed by a leading architect and the stables form part of a horse-shoe shape complex with the high school forming the other half.

We have the following facilities:

• 2 x Wash bays,
• An amazing Tack Room with extra-large tack lockers allocated per horse as well as
extra lockers if required. The bathrooms have toilets & showers.
• Farrier stalls,
• 1 x Lunging arena,
• Post and rail paddocks – individual paddocks or two horses sharing. Electric tape on the
inside of the paddocks.
• 40m x 60m Sand Arena: Jumping arena/2 x Dressage arenas
• Sand track on the inside perimeter of the estate for fitness training or hacking.
• Beautiful hacking on the main wine estate along the vineyards
• Horses are fed three times per day.
• Stable bedding is wood shavings
• We do late night checks on the horses
• Our horses are brought into the stables from 5pm daily – as to allow
our horses as much turnout time as possible which leads to happier horses.
• The estate is accessed at the guard house entrance and patrolled 24 hours/day.
• Horses are groomed daily before turnout.
• Horses are fed oat hay in the paddocks during the day as well as
receive a hay net with their supper.
• SANEF Qualified Managerr

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